What Do You Miss About Where You Grew Up? 

We miss fried beaver tails and skating on rivers and free healthcare and strong beer and really, really big snowforts. We, in case you haven't guessed, are from Canada. (To read more homesick cabbies, head to thelmagazine.com.)

Where I hailed him:Grand Central
Where he hails from: Pakistan
Years as a cabbie: 10
Previous profession: Truck driver I lived in Pakistan, in a small town in the Punjab. My father moved here about 20 years ago, and the rest of us came a few years later. In a perfect world we wouldn't have left Pakistan; we only came because my father had trouble finding a job there. My parents just thought of America as a place to make money. I don't miss my childhood. I was too young to remember much of anything before my father left. Then when we came here, that was hard, too. Hard to leave what you know.

Where I hailed him:Penn Station
Where he hails from: Haiti
Years as a cabbie: 3
Previous profession: No previous profession
The food. They say you can find anything in New York, and you can, but it's not the same. It always tastes just slightly off from what you'd get back home. Yes, there are Haitian restaurants here, but they're hard to find. I can only think of one Haitian place here, and I don't even remember the name of it. I only found it by chance, after dropping someone off nearby. I wasn't even hungry when I saw it, but I ate something anyway. Wasn't bad food, just different. I also miss the beer. Everyone at home drinks a brand called Prestige, which tastes almost like Miller Light, only not as much like piss.

Where I hailed him: East Village
Where he hails from: Queens
Years as a cabbie: 3
Previous profession: Limo driver
I'm addicted to my neighborhood. That's Jamaica, Queens. It's cool but it's rough. I love New York, and whenever I go anywhere else, I miss it. I'm just happy to be here. As soon as you leave the house, there are things happening, and it's a rush. Whenever I go somewhere else I miss that rush.

Where he hails from: Pakistan
Where I hailed him: Gramercy
Years as a cabbie: 20
Previous profession: Business owner
I only miss my friends and my parents, nothing else. I can get everything else here: the food, the paper, the people, the language. You can order everything off the internet now. But not your parents. You only get one set of parents. My parents are still together because there is no divorce in Pakistan. I call my mom every day.


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