What Do You Think of the Waterfalls Exhibit? 

Everybody talked about them for quite a while before they actually went up: Olafur Eliasson’s big ol’ waterfalls in the river around Manhattan. We can see a couple of them from our office, and, well, they’re ok. We guess. Maybe we need to buy ourselves a bigger yacht. We headed to DUMBO to see what the view from Brooklyn’s like.

Where she presides:
Superfine, DUMBO
Favorite drink: Anything but gin
Well, you know, I like them when it’s windy. But for the most part I think there’s too much metal stuff going on and not enough water. Like, the structure overshadows the effect of the water. I’d have liked it more if there’d been a better sense of the water. [You seem to have thought about this a lot.] Yeah, well, I kinda have. I do a lot of driving. Like, I’ve driven past the one on the BQE and the one on the FDR.  And that’s a perspective not everyone sees. I don’t think a lot of people look at them very hard. Not that many people are going to really go out on that ferry or anything just to see them.
Where she presides:
Park Blue, Midtown West
Favorite drink: Sauvignon Blanc
I would never spend money on something like that.  It’s not that impressive. Maybe older people like it, but young people like me think it’s silly. The scaffolding, as a statement?  I mean,  don’t we have enough scaffolding? If I had all that money, I would travel and see the world.
Where she presides:
Favorite drink: “It depends”
It’s nice, I guess. I’ve seen them all, driven past them and stuff. They’re pretty and everything… I think people should come down to see them. [Do you prefer these to the Gates exhibit in Central Park a while back?] No. I don’t know. I don’t remember that.
Where she presides:
68 Jay, DUMBO
Favorite drink: Wine
I wish they’d sucked up those two developers in their kayaks. [Huh?] I guess that doesn’t answer your question. Well, it’s ok, it kinda looks like leaky scaffolding. Yeah, I guess tourists seem to like it.
Where he drinks:
68 Jay, DUMBO
Favorite drink: Stella
You know what? They gotta fix the pressure there.  It’s always changing. Sometimes it’s just trickling, like a drip, and sometimes it’s coming down by the gushes. What’s that about? You know, for fifteen million dollars, I could have done it better myself.


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