What Do You Think of Twitter? 

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We like Twitter. Sure, we know it's mainly for old people and journalists, but it gives us a chance to express ourselves rapidly and without much reflection. Also, it's good in an uprising against totalitarian oppression.

Where she presides: Cowgirl, West Village
Favorite drink: Margarita
I hear people talk about it all the time, and I read what journalists like you write about it, but I can't say I really know what it is. I guess it's a new form of communication, but from what I know, it sounds more self-indulgent, self-obsessed and self-important than Facebook, and that's already pretty bad. I don't use it, and I never will. However, I guess I had the same thoughts about Facebook, but I eventually got on that because people I knew from 20 years ago started requesting me. But you can't do that the same way with Twitter.

Where he presides:Cookshop, Chelsea
Favorite drink: Margarita
I'm on Twitter, I think it's great, though I do use it mostly for my band. To spread the word, you know? Stay in the consciousness. Twitter is the best thing to come along so far, better than Facebook - do you remember MySpace?

Where he presides:Ceol, Cobble Hill
Favorite drink:Guinness
I’m not doing it, but I can see the appeal. I don’t think it’s stupid, but it’s too much to take care of. You have to have a lot of time for it. I have a lot of friends who are on it, people who are DJs, promoters or designers. They use it to keep people up to date on their gigs or projects. I don’t think I’ll get on it; I have a Facebook app that fills the gap. It posts tweets, so I fill up on them that way.

Where he presides:Cosmic Cantina, East Village
Favorite drink:Maker’s Mark
I don’t really know what Twitter is. I don’t IM either. I do have a Facebook, but my phone doesn’t have a camera, I guess I’m old school. I read books. I wear a watch. Is that bad? [No.] So I don’t really know about trends.


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