What Fashion Trend Would You Like to Disappear? 

We were wearing rainbow suspenders waaay before Mork and Mindy, and we’ll be wearing rainbow suspenders long after Pam Dawber is nothing but a lowly B-list TV star. That’s how committed we are to our rainbow suspenders. Get it?

Where she presides: Stanton Public, LES
Favorite drink: Stoud’s Pilsner
Right now? Acid jeans. I wish that would die. I wear classic vintage cocktail dresses, which don’t ever go out of style. I like it when men wear nice-fitting jeans. Most men just pull jeans on and don’t pay attention to how they fit. I like it when they’re not too tight, but not too loose. And anything but acid washed.

Where he presides: Crocodile Lounge, Gramercy Park
Favorite drink: Jameson
[Laughter] Hipster 80s revival, I guess. You know, old bright neon shoes, guys in shorts with their asses hanging out. Actually, I’m not sure if that’s 80s. Let me retract that. How about super-tight spandex hipster jeans? [What about a style you’d like to return?] Hmm, hey Colin? What’s a fashion trend you’d like to see return? [Colin, without hesitating: “Shoulder pads.”] Shoulder pads it is

Where she presides: Whiskey Ward, LES
Favorite drink: Jameson
I’m really, really tired of seeing people in leggings. It’s just inappropriate. I wish nice suits would come back.

Where he presides: Four Faced Liar, West Village
Favorite drink: Whiskey Schafer
I like the 80s hair on girls, that’s a good trend, with the bangs. But on guys it’s terrible.

Where she presides: Amber, Upper West Side
Favorite drink: Captain & Coke
I guess those sunglasses with the lines through them. You know, those plastic lines? They’re stupid. They don’t make sense; you can’t even see out of them! [What about a trend you would like to see return?] Um… I guess the 80s. 80s style, like the side ponytail. Aw, come on. It was cute.

Where he presides: Fáílte Irish Whiskey Bar, Kip’s Bay
Favorite drink: Magners on the rocks
Let’s see… for either gender? I guess Crocs. You know what I mean by Crocs? I just don’t like them. I don’t care for the colors. I mean, sandals are one thing, rubber shoes are another. I mean, I’m sure they’re very comfortable and everything, but all they are is pressed rubber.


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