What Jukebox Song Drives You Nuts? 

Sometimes we get real sad and play old Pogues songs on the jukebox and get really drunk and wake up in a booth in New Jersey. We’ve never really stopped to think how irritating it might be for a bartender to hear ‘Pair of Brown Eyes’ thirty times in one night. Sorry Mr. Bartender.

Where he presides:  
   Local 138, LES
Favorite drink:     Powers
My jukebox here is my iPod, so I’m all set. But I guess I would say anything that’s Destiny’s Child related. I don’t hang out in a lot of bars with Destiny’s Child on the jukebox, but I imagine that if I did I would hate it.
Where he presides:  
   One and One, East Village
Favorite drink:     Tullamore Dew
Oh my god, let me think about it for a second. I would say any slow songs. You know, I really hate that Toto song, that Africa song — that one just drives me crazy. [Calls over one of his colleagues for her opinion] I can’t stand that Hulk Hogan song — the one about being an American.

Where she presides: 
Kabin, East Village
Favorite drink:     Ketel One and soda
Wow, hmmm... [Thinks about it for a second and then nearly lunges over the bar with song-hatred] What was that last song we just heard? ‘Every Rose Has Its Thorn’! That one!

Where he presides:
    Fiddlesticks, Greenwich Village
Favorite drink:     Guinness
The day mix around here is not bad at all. At night, it’s not quite as good. I’ll tell you one song that’s getting on my nerves lately. The Violent Femmes, ‘Add It Up’. I mean, it’s a good song, but the thing is just played to death. That whiny voice... the chorus. It’s starting to make me sick. My colleague here hates the new Gwen Stefani song. I guess I’m also fed up with classic rock radio: 104.3 — it’s the same songs every couple hours. Would it hurt them to branch out?

Where she presides:  
   The Slaughtered Lamb, Greenwich Village
Favorite drink:     White Grape Martini
What’s that song? It’s where the guy’s in the house with his wife, but he’s on the phone with his mistress, but his wife’s in the next room. What is it? ‘Arms of an Angel’. Total crap!

Where he presides:
    Ditch Plains, Greenwich Village
Where he presides:     Woodford, rocks
We play way too much ambient trance house music in here. It gets to me. I think we need to switch it up.


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