What Was Your Dream Job as a Child? 

Our dream job was obviously to write little intro blurbs to bartender survey questions and then go outside for a cigarette and maybe a quick drink and then come back to the office and write a few more blurbs. WE ARE LIVING THE DREAM.

Where she presides: Bar 82, LES
Favorite drink: Any medium-dark beer that’s not too bitter I wanted to be a dancer, and I actually was for a while. [Regular: Pole dancing?] No, not pole dancing. Modern dance. I was in a couple of companies here in New York and one up in Rochester. I’ve been a dancer since I was four, that’s when I started doing ballet and jazz. I don’t dance anymore; I stopped because I needed something a little more rock ’n’ roll in my life. Now I sing in a rock band. We’re called Gift Shop. I would like to take up dance again sometime, though. I guess I just like performing.

Where he presides:
Chelsea Grill of Hell’s Kitchen, Hell’s Kitchen
Favorite drink: Cosmo
I wanted to be a computer programmer. I was way into computers when I was a kid — I wanted to create games. I studied computer information systems in school, and right now I work in the tech department of a law firm. I manage the information database for our attorneys, and work with our image database for them, too. It’s ok, not a dream job, but it pays the bills. Ideally I’d want to do some software development. I want to be creating something.

Where she presides:
Drop Off Service, East Village
Favorite drink: None
I wanted to be a jewelry designer, a comedian, and an actress. And I’m all of those things. But also this. You have to pay the bills somehow.

Where he presides:
Nowhere, East Village
Favorite drink: Tequila
When I was little I wanted to be a lawyer. It wasn’t the sharp suits or the briefcases. My dad’s not a lawyer. I was just a little asshole. I wanted to get paid to be argumentative. I thought that was cool. But I’m a painter, which is much cooler.

Where he presides:
Buddha Bar, Meatpacking District
Favorite drink: Sierra Nevada
I always wanted to be an actor. When I was eighteen, I got like nine callbacks for this one role. They went from 300 people to 3, and I was one of the 3. But I didn’t get it. [Oh, bummer.] Yeah, you know who got it? [Who?] Johnny Depp. I saw him last month when I was working security. I didn’t mention it to him, though.


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