What Would You Do to Lessen Traffic in the City? 

Traffic, as we understand it, occurs when a lot of cars are on the streets together. You don’t have to be Marilyn vos Savant to realize that there’s an easy solution for this problem: fewer cars! Also, hovercrafts, flitting between buildings at several different altitude classes, like in the future.
Where I hailed him: Port Authority
Where he hails from: Bay Ridge
Years as a cabbie: 7
Previous profession: Personal trainer
You need to put more money into public transportation. There are far too many private cars going around. You need more subway lines, going out into more parts of the city. If the majority of cars in Manhattan were ones that were useful to the community, like school buses, delivery trucks and cabs, there’d be a lot less congestion.
Where I hailed him: Times Square
Where he hails from: Staten Island
Years as a cabbie: 10
Previous profession:  Police Officer
You remember back a few years ago, when Bloomberg proposed that congestion pricing law? If I were mayor, I’d bring that back. It was one of the first good ideas we’ve had here in a while. Have all private cars pay to enter Manhattan during certain hours. You’d still get a lot of people coming in to the city, but not as many, and you’d be raising money in the process. Then you’d have more people using public transportation and more people using cabs, which would be good for us drivers.
Where I hailed him: Lower East Side
Where he hails from: Pakistan
Years as a cabbie: 5
Previous profession: Accountant
The thing that most slows me here, other than the number of cars, is when they do roadwork, because that closes a lot of lanes. I would stop all the roadwork in the city except for emergencies that clearly need to be fixed. I also think the city needs to fix more potholes. Most of the time, though, they start doing work somewhere — they close lanes for months — and then when the repairmen go away I can’t tell a difference in the road. I think the office that does the work doesn’t want to have its budget cut, so it has stuff “repaired” when there isn’t anything wrong.
Where I hailed him: Soho
Where he hails from: Pakistan
Years as a cabbie: 12
Previous profession: Student
Stop the city buses! They make stops every two blocks. It’s the worst. Everyone uses the subway anyway, so why the buses? They are not worth it. It’s not so much the trucks, it’s the buses. Also the bike lanes. Get rid of them. It’s dangerous for everyone. Also the park at Ninth Avenue and Broadway, that’s not good.


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