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Indie Rock Royalty

Fleet Foxes , 
Title TBA, summer
Along with the Decemberists (more on them in a minute) and a few others, Fleet Foxes have come to stand for all that's boring and white and whatever about indie rock. We listened to their first record again the other night, though, and it's still really good. Not sure what everyone's talking about; we're pretty excited for this.

Panda Bear ,
Tomboy, Early 2011
We don't have to tell you that, since summer, the Paul McCartney of indie rock has been rolling out a string of singles from his eagerly awaited forthcoming album, each one getting progressively darker and more varied. But it's still not enough to tell whether Tomboy will be Sir Noah's Band on the Run... or his Press to Play.

Cat Power, Title + Date TBA
Word is Chan Marshall is set to release her first album of new material since 2006's sadly underrated The Greatest. There's no telling what it will sound like, of course, but if she continues with the sultry blues thing she left off with a few years ago, we'll be on board in a major way.

Beirut, Title + Date TBA
Now 24 and all grown up, Zach Condon has returned to the studio to work on Beirut's first proper album in three years. We look foward to wiping a tear from our eye at an elaborately orchestrated show at BAM to celebrate its release.

Jens Lekman, 
Title + Date TBA
If Jens' moderately hyped song about stalking Kirsten Dunst—with all its rhymes, melody and charm—doesn't make it onto this album, then he should expect to receive a strongly worded letter from his pals at The L.

Bon Iver, Title + Date TBA
One of indie rock's most unusual success stories, thanks to his dalliance with Kanye West, Bon Iver's Justin Vernon has a much larger audience eagerly anticipating this record than we, and probably he, ever thought possible.

Battles, Title + Date TBA
Even with the recent departure of singer/multi-instrumentalist Tyondai Braxton, Battles have vowed that 2011 will see the release of the follow-up to their brilliant 2007 debut, Mirrored. Maybe 2011 will be all about post-rock

The Decemberists ,
The King is Dead, January
After the massive disappointment that was The Crane Wife, Portland's Decemberists are back, and word is they've dropped the silly prog stuff they're not very good at, in favor of the more stripped-down, folksy material at which they excel.

The Wrens, Title + Date TBA
Considering how consistent a presence frontman Charles Bissel has been here in the city over the years, it's easy to forget that it's been a full seven years since the Wrens released their last album, the critically drooled-over Meadowlands.


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