What?s An Appropriate Amount to Tip? 

We grew up in a family of ridiculously extravagant tipping, where 25 percent was basically the norm. So, we’re pretty staunch proponents of the 20 percent minimum rule, and if we ever catch you going lower than, say, 18 percent, we’re going to call you out and make fun of you. Because, really, you can’t take it with you.

Where I hailed him:
Alphabet City
Where he hails from: India
Years as a cabbie: 12
Previous profession: Truck driver
People should give everything they got… all their cash, jewelry... [laughs]. No, I guess it depends.  I would tell someone to think of how much the fare is, how long they’re in the cab, the traffic, the time of day, if they have luggage, things like that. Even where they’re going. If you want to go to the middle of nowhere, where it’ll be hard for me to get another fare, you should take that into account.
Where I hailed him:
Where he hails from: Egypt
Years as a cabbie: 20
Previous profession: Network engineer
A dollar for a ride is a good tip. I get that a lot. I would say that about 20 percent of my passengers tip more than that. Now, if I take a fare into the outer boroughs, usually they will tip more to compensate me for the hassle.

Where I hailed him: Midtown
Where he hails from:
Years as a cabbie: 8
Previous profession: Metalworker
I don’t want to seem greedy, but I really need the tips. I don’t make much money, and if I want to save or have something for my family, I need people to be generous. I don’t know what to say about a minimum amount, but if the ride is good, the driver is nice and you don’t get lost, I think it’s only right that you give a good tip for it. One time, I drove a guy on New Year’s Eve. He was celebrating and tipped me a $50! Sadly, that doesn’t happen much.
Where I hailed him:
West Village
Where he hails from: The Bronx
Years as a cabbie: 4
Previous profession: Repairman
I’d say five bucks is always good, even if you’re just going one block. If you can afford to take a cab for only a few blocks, then you can afford to give at least that much on a tip. Obviously you should give more the farther you have to go, especially if it’s a trip to the outer boroughs. Every so often someone will just round up and add a dollar or something. In a way that makes sense, if all you have is twenties and the fare is something like $18 or whatever. It’s a pain to ask someone to make change, but $2 — that just sucks.


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