What’s the Farthest You’ve Ever Driven a Fare? 

It used to be that if you tried to take a cab from Manhattan to Brooklyn, you’d have to fight your way in the door and then suffer the abuses of the cabbie all the way across whichever bridge you took. Well, last week a cabbie drove all the way to Sedona, Arizona. Go figure.

Where I hailed him: Midtown East
Where he hails from: Pakistan
Years as a cabbie: 8
Previous profession: Waiter
One time I drove a man out to the airport on Long Island — Islip. He got in the cab in Manhattan and said he was going to the airport. I thought he meant JFK or Laguardia — then he told me he meant the one in Islip. It cost around $100 or so. He was worried that he was going to be late for his flight — but it was early in the morning, so I was able to get there pretty fast.

Where I hailed him: Williamsburg
Where he hails from: Brooklyn
Years as a cabbie: 12
Previous profession: Insurance  salesman
I’ve gone out to Long Island a couple of times. I really haven’t gone all that far, I guess — maybe 30 miles or so. You talk to the other guys around the garage sometimes and you hear some stories, though — people driving down to Atlantic City and stuff.

Where I hailed him:
Where he hails from: Mali
Years as a cabbie: 6
Previous profession: Livery driver
I took a guy to Westchester. It took me about an hour and a half altogether. I got about $150 for it. Once you leave New York City you get to charge double the meter — and he gave me a good tip. Usually you’ll get a good tip when you go up there because riders know that most of the drivers don’t like to go up there.

Where I hailed him:
East Village
Where he hails from: Bangladesh
Years as a cabbie: 10
Previous profession: Student
For me, the farthest I’ve ever taken a fare was a guy who I picked up at LaGuardia who wanted to go to a Marriot hotel up in Stamford. It took about half an hour. It was a Sunday, so there wasn’t too much traffic. It cost about $100, $120 — something like that.

Where I hailed him:
Lower East Side
Where he hails from: Algeria
Years as a cabbie: 7
Previous profession: Parking attendant
The farthest I’ve ever gone so far has been up to Westchester County one time, out to Nassau County another time, and then over in New Brunswick in New Jersey. It’s the regular meter to the city limits and then you get to charge double — so you make pretty good money. And you usually get a decent tip — five or six dollars.

Where I hailed him: Lower East Side
Where he hails from: Pakistan
Years as a cabbie: 4
Previous profession: Delivery man
One night three guys got into my cab and asked me to drive them to Atlantic City. I was like, “really?” I was worried that maybe I would go all the way down there with them and then they wouldn’t pay me. But they wanted to go. They said they would pay me an extra hundred dollars on top of the normal fare to take them. It was a good night. They were talking about paying me to stay there to take them back, but I ended up dropping them off and coming back to the city.


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