What's the Last Museum You Visited? 

Like us freelance writers, most city bartenders value their daytime freedom. The envy of our office-ensnared friends, we’re at liberty to catch Wednesday matinee screenings, seek out free concerts, or, say, pop into the Frick just because we can. You’ll be happy to know that bartenders actually take advantage of these opportunities... unlike this daytime vagrant who can’t miss The Price is Right, Days of Our Lives, or the Charlie Rose rerun we’ve already seen the night before.
Where she presides:
Jack O’Neill’s, Greenpoint
Favorite drink: Vodka Seabreeze
I just went to the MoMA with my cousin the other day. When you first enter the museum, there’s a sculpture of a naked family. We were looking at it, and I realized it kind of looked like my cousin’s family. I said, “Look, it’s the [family name redacted]!” Things were pretty uncomfortable after that, but I still liked the sculpture. Next week, I’m headed to the Whitney to check out the psychedelic art exhibit. If you’d have asked me for the next issue, I’d have gone with that.
Where he presides:
Waterfront Ale House, Murray Hill
Favorite drink: Hard Cider
[To truly appreciate this entry, it helps to know that Guy is a gray-haired, salty-looking old bastard who at the beginning of the interview briefly peered down over the top of his glasses and fixed our intrepid correspondent with perhaps the most obliteratingly dismissive glance one man has ever given another. Then he went back to his newspaper, from which he only once looked up throughout the interview.] I went to the new space museum up on 73rd or 83rd. I hadn’t been there. They just reopened last year. [Anything there you liked?] Nah.

Where she presides:
Mark Bar, Greenpoint
Favorite drink: Not a drinker
PS1. I try to go quite a bit. They try to feature artists who use technology as a medium. I like that. My favorite exhibit lately was a model of a jail cell with four video screens on each wall, showing what an inmate would see in his daily life. There was also a big clock in the background of the videos. I thought it was pretty powerful. 
Where he presides:
Kabin, East Village
Favorite drink: Mind Eraser
I actually went to the Whitney and saw the Summer of Love exhibit. They did like a Joshua Tree thing, showing the lights there. They also had a thing about the Fillmore East — which was actually right across the street from here — and all the bands and people who started there, like Janis Joplin and everyone, really.
Where she presides:
CoCo66, Greenpoint
Favorite drink: Mojito
I was at MoMA for the Richard Serra exhibit. I’m not really sure which piece I liked best. [A regular chimes in: “Maybe the big hunk of metal? That one?”] 
Where she presides:
Van Gogh Radio Lounge, Greenpoint
Favorite drink: Cosmopolitan
The Natural History Museum. I really loved the Tyrannosaurus Rex. He’s reared up on his feet, and he’s gigantic!


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