What’s the Most Popular Destination? 

We remember a time when cabbies would tell you to go to hell if you wanted to catch a ride to Brooklyn (actually, that happened to us a week ago, but who’s counting). Now, they generally seem  ready for anything, from the Cloisters to Coney Island. But what do they expect to hear?

Where I hailed him:
Where he hails from: China
Years as a cabbie: 4
Previous profession: Waiter
One of the airports. La Guardia or JFK, especially this time of year. I guess all the tourists are coming in and going out, so it seems like everyone wants to go there. Already this week I’ve had three or four requests for one of those.
Where I hailed him:
St. Mark’s Place
Where he hails from: Massachusetts
Years as a cabbie: 8
Previous profession: Mechanic
I don’t know. All the big places, I guess. The airports, the big hotels, big tourists places, that sort of thing. A lot of people ask for general things, like they ask to go downtown or to Times Square, real vague like that, instead of giving an exact address. I’m like, it’s hard enough to get around with city traffic, don’t make it harder by not knowing where you want to go.

Where I hailed him:
Union Square
Where he hails from: Bangladesh
Years as a cabbie: 3 weeks
Previous profession: Busboy
Central Park is first, then Lincoln Center. Mostly the tourists go to these places. People from New York mostly want to go to La Guardia and JFK. Everyone wants to leave in the summer, except people who are from here.
Where I hailed him:
Where he hails from: Bangladesh
Years as a cabbie: 1
Previous profession: Waiter
Most people go around in Manhattan, especially downtown, because the streets are confusing and people don’t want to walk.  Tourists always go to the museums. They ask me to take them to the Statue of Liberty, but I cannot drive them there.  I drop them off at Liberty Park.
Where I hailed him:
West Village
Where he hails from: Punjab, India
Years as a cabbie: 24
Previous profession: Farmer in California
Most people want to stay in Manhattan. They go mostly between 65th Street and the Brooklyn Bridge. They prefer to stay in the business district. But I can go anywhere, because I own my own cab. Every customer for me is a great customer no matter the borough.


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