What’s the Most You’ve Drank in a 24 Hour Period? 

Our father once told us that the only people who keep track of the amount of alcohol they’ve consumed are amateurs and squares, his reasoning being that if you’re able to count, even on the morning after, you probably aren’t doing it right. We agree. But still...
Where he presides: Annie Moore’s, Grand Central
Favorite drink: Captain Morgan
Oh, I couldn’t tell you that. It’s a gentleman thing, you don’t tell people that. I could tell you stories, though. (What about for your friends or customers?) The most I’ve ever seen anyone do in one sitting, or one standing, rather, was this old guy I tended to once. He was at his daughter’s wedding, and drank one and three-fourths bottles of vodka — and he was fine! He remained standing and paid his bill, which was all I cared about.
Where she presides: O’Hanlons, Astoria
Favorite drink: 7&7
I actually just had two right now — I leave in five minutes. Well, I couldn’t tell you offhand; I’m 45, so I’ve been around for a long time. I can’t remember whether I had two or three just last night. The most I’ve ever seen anyone do was when they were drinking Jager. They had a lot more than a normal person should have. (More than 10?) More than 20. (That would have killed me.) Well, they were good. I don’t know how they felt the next morning, but they were good.
Where she presides: Spitzer’s, LES
Favorite drink: Jameson
12 shots. I was at a job I really hated. I used to be a burlesque dancer, and I was at this other job, so when they called me crazy, I thought, they don’t even know how crazy I can be! So I did 12 shots that night — starting with six in a row ­— and took off all my clothes. I got fired. It was great.
Where he presides: The Darkroom, LES
Favorite drink: Tequila
There’s no way I can answer that. Let’s just say a lot. Okay, let’s say more than you. I can go for a long time. Days. Want a shot?
Where she presides: Blind Pig, Lower East Side
Favorite drink: Kettle One and water
I would have to say about 12 shots of whiskey and 6 pints of Kettle Water. I don’t know if that’s accurate, but it should be. There was definitely some blacking out that night. This was from about 2 am-8 am. There wasn’t any special occasion. You know how it is. You get off work, want to have a drink, and then the next thing you know, people you know show up and they’re hammered, and you wake up with someone you don’t know the next morning in Jersey. (Male regular: The most I’ve ever drunk is a bottle of vodka and a boy named Steve.)


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