What's the Oddest Job You've Ever Had? 


Where she presides:
Coffee Shop, Union Square
Favorite drink: Campari and soda
This is the first job I've ever had. I just graduated from Princeton, where I studied philosophy. I don't know what I'm doing here. I want to be a writer. However, I have to say that having a job has given me new respect for people who work. This has been a real reality check for me—before I was in an ivory tower. It's been instructive to interact with people like the busboys, and a job like this lets me exercise different muscles. Taking orders has proven really good for developing short-term memory skills.

Where he presides:
Boom, Soho
Favorite drink: Beer
I was a lifeguard one summer, which isn't too strange, but sometimes strange stuff would happen on the job. I had to jump in and rescue people a few times, including this one little kid, who was attempting to swim across and couldn't make it. It actually wasn't that dramatic, but the other jobs I've had are bartending and being a DJ, so saving people is my "strangest."

Where he presides:
Village Lantern, Greenwich Village
Favorite drink: Jameson
I was one of those people who stand on street corners handing out fliers. Mine were for a company that sold "night clothing" or something. It was a crappy job, my first, and I only got it to have something to do. It paid about $8 per hour, and they only let you work four days a week so you couldn't get overtime. It was boring, though I got lucky since it never rained or snowed on me.

Where he presides:
Bar None, East Village
Favorite drink: Magners cider on ice
I think being a bouncer at a fetish club would be weird. How would you be able to tell if something was wrong? Or cleaning the grease trap at any restaurant. That gets intense. My brother is a DJ and he fell down out of the DJ booth into the grease trap one night. They cleaned him off with the soda gun at the bar. He was never the same though.


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