What's Your Guiltiest Pleasure? 

Where he presides: Nevada Smith's, East Village
Favorite drink: Doesn't drink
Watching football. There's nothing else in life like it. (You mean soccer, not "football" football, right?) Right. There's only one kind of football in here. I would say I spend half of every day watching it, though when it gets busy in here, I don't get to watch it too much. We have more than 100 games per week shown here. That's more than any other venue on the planet.

Where she presides: Barbounia, Gramercy
Favorite drink: A Saloniki or Pear Martini
My vice is mainly St. Germain. I can;t get enough of it. It's superior and amazing. And there's nothing else like it. It's my sweet tooth that's the problem. Anything else creamy or chocolate gets me, too.

Where she presides: The Slaughtered Lamb, West Village
Favorite drink: Dirty Gin Martini
I have vices, of course. I drink. I quit smoking... cigarettes. I watch quite a bit of Showtime. (Regular: "You put up with us.") That's a virtue, not a vice. This is why I drink so much, so it's not really a vice, it's a medication. But I also love cop shows, and ooh! Snapped. It's on the Oxygen network and it's about women who kill. I love it.

Where he presides: Mullanes, Fort Greene
Favorite drink: Magners
I'm embarrassed to admit that I like The Soup and another show called Infomania. They're both about pop culture, which I loathe. A lot of the time they make fun of trashy TV, which my wife likes but I can't stand. Unfortunately, I think it's important to keep up to date on pop culture so I can discuss it at the bar. I like to know more about things than my customers do. (Note: when we introduced ourself at the start of the interview, Todd said he used to tend bar near The L's office in DUMBO, where he would sit waiting to be interviewed for this feature. "I've been waiting for you for years," he said, a little creepily. Such fandom and loyalty deserves to be rewarded, so go tip him extravagantly.)


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