What’s Your Take on the Hilton Flap? 

Some of us care about the criminal activity and subsequent incarceration of trashalites — some of us do not. Hey, there’s a war everywhere, planet’s shriveling to a desiccated husk, and, well, so… Paris?

Where she presides:     Jack O’Neill’s, Greenpoint
Favorite drink:     Mojito
I think she’s definitely getting off easy. It’s ridiculous. She pretty much made a mockery of the judicial system. I don’t think that’s what she meant to do, but that’s what happened. But that’s the way she was raised, I guess. The law’s not supposed to be about money. But this really laid that bare.

Where he presides:     St. Mark’s Ale House, East Village
Favorite drink:     Scotch
I have no idea about that shit. I don’t have any concern at all — that’s my take on it. I knew she went to jail. I don’t want to know any more than that.

Where she presides:     Grand Saloon, Gramercy
Favorite drink:     Tequila
I don’t know what to make of it, really. Now she’s found religion, she says. In three days. God sent her there for a reason, she says. She’s gonna do something with her life when she gets out, she says. Help people with MS or breast cancer or maybe animals — anyway, she wants to do something. So, maybe, you know, it’s a good thing. Martha Stewart looks a lot tougher since she was in jail.

Where he presides:
    Blind Tiger, Greenwich Village
Favorite drink:     Jameson
I don’t know if the punishment necessarily fit the crime, but, honestly, we all wanted to see her put away. New Yorkers can rarely agree on anything, but invariably, you ask someone about Paris Hilton, and no one has any sympathy. I work at three bars and I haven’t heard anyone support her yet. Actually, it’s funny you should mention Paris. Someone just stuck a “Crybaby” picture up on the wall over there this afternoon.

Where he presides:
    Village Tavern, Greenwich Village
Favorite drink:     Amstel Light and a Jäger shot
Really, I could give two shits about Paris Hilton to be honest. You do the crime, you do the time. And, really, if you’re that rich, why are you doing driving in the first place? Can you not afford to have someone drive you around L.A.? The same thing happened to Matthew Perry a couple years ago... He was all vicodined-out and didn’t have a driver. A million bucks an episode and he’s still behind the wheel?

Where he presides:  
   Daddy-O, Greenwich Village
Favorite drink:     Guinness
I’m glad she’s back in the slammer! The law is the law, and you can’t buy your way out or cry your way out. General David Petraeus was on Leno the night it happened, and they cut into the show for 20 minutes to show Paris in her car crying. Do we really need that? The less we see of her on TV the better.


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