What's Your Worst Vice? 

Our worst vice is probably bringing out a bottle of absinthe every time we have friends over and they stay later than midnight. Everybody gets really drunk and pees their pants and forgets the word for "spoon." It's fun, but it's killing us.

Where he presides:Room 18, Soho
Favorite drink: Imperial Gimlet
There are too many vices to choose from. Drinking, weed, the occasional cigarette. And McDonald's. I love a Big Mac once in awhile. Tastes so good, makes you feel terrible. I'm a closet dork, and I watch Jeopardy obsessively. I also compulsively watch basketball, but that's an acceptable vice.

Where he presides: Bua, East Village
Favorite drink: Whiskey
I have a girl now who keeps me in line, so no vices. Well, I drink too much. But this girl gives me every reason to be good. So I'm no longer going on two-day benders or whatever.

Where he presides:Puck Fair, Soho
Favorite drink: Scotch
I don't know about vices. Like, what is a vice, really? Ok, I do chew my fingernails.

Where she presides: Firefly, Soho
Favorite drink: Whiskey and beer
I have nothing BUT vices. I smoke too much, I drink too much. I can't think of anything else right now because you caught me in a hangover. Everything I did last weekend was vicious. It's the weather driving people to act on their impulses.

Where she presides:Maggie Brown, Clinton Hill
Favorite drink:Rose wine
Brooklyn Fish Camp. Fried oysters. Tartar sauce. That's my very favorite vice. [Regular: "My vice is boys in plaid." Other regular: "I'd take fried oysters over boys in plaid."] I quit cigarettes. That's a terrible vice. Here's how you quit: look at yourself in the mirror every morning and say, 'Younger. Prettier. Longer.' That's gotta be your mantra.

Where she presides: Back Fence Bar, Greenwich Village
Favorite drink: Stoli Raspberry with cranberry juice and soda
Smoking. I've been a smoker for about nine years now. Yeah, I've tried to quit, but not with that gum or the patch or anything. Just cold turkey. It didn't work, though. I'm in the process of trying to quit again right now, but it's not going well. I'm actually going to step out and have a cigarette in a few minutes.


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