Which Art Movement Would You Be? 

When the idea to ask this question first came up at the editorial meeting, it was suggested that our city’s barkeeps might not be able to furnish enough variety and/or insight with their answers. From this point on, we shall never, ever doubt them again.
Where she presides:  Laila Lounge, Williamsburg
Favorite drink: Jameson’s neat

I would have to say Cubism. I was going to say Art Nouveau, but I realized that that’s not really the one that’s most like me, that’s just the one that I like the most. I could only think of, like, Picasso because he was all over the place, and I’m all over the place. Yeah, I can’t say Art Nouveau because that’s really beautiful and I’m, well... [here our intrepid correspondent leaps in to insist that our subject is selling her charms a bit short. She, on the other hand, insists that our intrepid correspondent is just being nice. He disagrees. She, likewise, disagrees. This goes on for some time.] I’d definitely have to go along the lines of Picasso and misplacement and foreplacement and all that sort of thing.
Where she presides: KGB Bar, East Village
Favorite drink: Ketel One

That’s the wrong question for me since I’m not a visual artist, but I would have to say something Dada or the Salon movement in Paris. Just for the sheer ridiculousness of it — you can’t take yourself too seriously. Dalí didn’t.
Where he presides: Brooklyn Ale House
Favorite drink: Flaming Lamborghini (a shot of some sort... on fire)

I would have to be a surrealist, since I don’t know where I am half the time. And hallucinating in bed while I’m sleeping is something I’ve gotten used to. I couldn’t be Warhol and Pop Art because I don’t do blow.
Where she presides: Blue and Gold, East Village
Favorite drink: Irish whiskey

I would have to say pre-Raphaelite, because that’s what got me through my childhood. I have lots of pleasant memories and associations from looking at those types of paintings. Maybe that doesn’t sound intellectual enough for you, but that’s honestly my favorite art period. I also would have been the perfect model back then — the curves, the blonde hair.
Where she presides: The Thirsty Scholar, East Village
Favorite drink: Beer

Definitely Cubism. It was a rebellious movement. That type of art was about breaking the mold, doing something different, unique. I also love the time period when it was happening. It would have been interesting to live back then.
Where he presides:  Zablozki’s, Williamsburg
Favorite drink: Tequila

Can I do a hyphenated one? Surrealist-graffiti... I think... but don’t quote me on that [laughs]. The reason for it — I guess just the rawness and the absurdity.
Where she presides:  68 Jay, DUMBO
Favorite drink:   “I’ll take anything... I’m a wino at heart!”

Oh, first I’ll have to think of which art movements I know... give me a second! Makes a few drinks and consults patrons. Ok, luckily I have a couple of art mavens to talk to here... what we’ve come up with is Italian Mannerism stuck in post-Modernism, because I have elegance and gracefulness, but I’m awkward too!


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