Who Are the Bands Desperate to See at Northside? 

While trying to figure out what kind of editorial coverage we’d do for Northside, we realized it seemed strange to make recommendations, since, you know, we booked the whole thing and therefore recommend that you do your best to see every single band and every single art exhibition. This, we understand, is unreasonable. So we asked some of the showcase presenters and bands to tell us what they’re most looking forward to.

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I’m definitely looking forward to Hooves on the Turf’s daytime showcase on Saturday for Sharon Van Etten and Drink Up Buttercup, two bands that couldn’t be more different but that I am totally in love with. The Engine Room Recordings showcase on Sunday is gonna be awesome too!
—Patrick Duffy, Pop Tarts Suck Toasted

The Van Pelt. My favorite of the increasingly unexpected and expected reunions going on right now, they were incredible at SXSW and I’m pretty thrilled I get to see them yet again. 
­—Pete, Ernest Jenning

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Darlings are looking forward to the 1928 Recordings showcase.  The Sundelles, Air Waves and Browns are some of our favorite local bands at the moment, and it’s at Bruar Falls. We had a lot of fun last time we played there. Great place. The Less Artists More Condos Showcase on June 13th is also exciting. Kurt Vile put out one of my favorite records last year. Woods and Grooms are amazing too!

I don’t know if I’m looking forward to one show in particular, as the beauty of the Northside Festival is that all the venues are fairly close to one another and you can make up your own perfect bill. On Friday you could, for example, see pow wow! at Spike Hill, then go around the corner to catch Grooms and Sisters at Public Assembly, and then head up to Glasslands for Savoir Adore, and maybe even make it to Bruar Falls to see the Beets. That would be a perfect night for me, if the set times allow. That’s what getting the pass is all about — running yourself ragged seeing the most music possible.
—Bill Pearis, Brooklyn Vegan

Bill Callahan! His new album is so beautiful. it makes me feel nostalgic, although I have no idea why. Maybe it’s because of my dark womanizing past. I guess the secret is out!
—Tammy, Sound Fix

We’re all sorts of psyched for the Chouette/No Quarter showcase at Union Pool on Saturday. Why, you ask? ‘Cause Endless Boogie are the greatest fucking band on earth.
—pow wow!

Totally biased, but I am psyched to see Henry Wolfe play.... for understandable reasons, and because there is a small, very small, crazy chance, Mr. Henry and Mr. Joel might join eachother for a brief moment on stage.
—Joel Bravo, The Albertans

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No matter how many times I see Drink Up Buttercup I always leave with a smile on my face.  Metal garbage-can lids being banged on stage while singing perfect harmonies, I mean, can you ask for anything more from a live show? Plus they are playing at Bruar Falls which isn’t even open yet so that should be interesting.
—Chris, Engine Room

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We’re really looking forward to seeing Ponytail and The Dodos at Studio B. Both bands put on amazing shows. Also, Kemado’s showcase featuring O’Death is not to be missed. They’re one of Brooklyn’s drunkest, most raucous live acts. They’re also a band that should never ever be seen in public with their shirts off, though they always manage to disrobe about one song into their set. The IMPOSE showcase also looks great and offers a smorgasbord of up-and-coming New York bands in the DIY setting of Death by Audio.
—Robert Lanham, Free Williamsburg

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I am really excited about the Men & Women curated event on Thursday June 11th at Cameo Gallery with  Julianna Barwick, S.S.P.S., Men & Women, and Ducktails. All those artists have such a unique sound and  are really  restructuring how live music can be presented.  Also I hope to see the Dodos on Sunday, June 14th, at Studio B. I saw them open for the Walkmen last year  and was amazed at how vibrant and fun their set was. 
—Amanda, Chouette

Saturday Afternoon: Battering Room at Bar Matchless or Hooves on the Turf at Trophy Bar. Pet Ghost Project and pow wow! are two of my favorite Brooklyn bands right now, but I’ve been meaning to catch Glass Ghost for months, plus they’re playing with my favorite live band, Drink Up Buttercup.
—Greg, Dinosaur Feathers

Mia Riddle at Public Assembly for the Gothamist Show: She’s got old timey country/folk sensibilities, but looking though the world with modern eyes. Mia can lay down some good-time stomping tunes. Sharon Van Etten at Union Pool, Uncensored Interview Show: She’s from Jersey, what more do you need to know? One of the finest young lyricists in the NYC music scene.
—Chris, Music Snobbery

I’m excited to play with Grooms at the Pop Tarts Suck Toasted showcase, since I haven’t seen them since the big name change [from Muggabears].  Travis is, of course, the master of weird, otherworldly tunings on his axe.
—Pete, Dinowalrus

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