Who Can Replace Bob Barker?! 

He of the silver mane, ardent animal activism and enviably close relations with his coworkers is finally stepping down from his hallowed post as host of The Price Is Right. Obviously, we are panicking, and so went to the bar(s) to relax.

Where he presides:     Lost and Found, Greenpoint
Favorite drink:     Bourbon on the rocks
Jon Lovitz. Hands down. What about him doesn’t make him a good candidate? Either for The Price is Right or for President of the United States.
Where he presides:     Pencil Factory, Greenpoint
Favorite drink:     Beer
Bob Barker... jeez. Who do you get to replace Bob Barker? Wow... How about Bob Dole? You know what? I think he’d do it, too. What else does he have going on?

Where he presides:     Paloma, Greenpoint
Favorite drink:     Hennessy and orange juice
To be honest, I don’t think it’s possible. The Price is Right is Bob Barker. He’s been on there, what, 30 years? He’s been on since I was a kid. I mean, I remember when they changed just the guy who did all the voiceovers. That new guy wasn’t that good.

Where he presides:     Barfly, Gramercy
Favorite drink:     Miller Lite
I would think he’d probably be irreplaceable. I think if he’s done, that should be it. That show has been around since I was a kid. How old is he anyway? Like 85?

Where she presides:     Plug Uglies, Gramercy
Favorite drink:     Citron
I think Bob Barker’s pretty great. Isn’t that one guy supposed to take over? Mario Lopez? [And, in fact, there are rumors that Mr. Lopez may be installed in the place formerly occupied by the great Mr. Barker.] I dunno, I can only see him as AC Slater — so I can only imagine him being cheesy. I think they should definitely go with someone young. Not someone they’ll have to replace in a couple of years. You know who I always want to see more of — Josh Hartnett, so if he wanted to do it... or Joshua Jackson — he doesn’t seem to be doing much right now. And he’s tall, so he could spin the wheel and stuff.

Where she presides:     Black Bear Lodge, Gramercy
Favorite drink:     Jameson
Those are some really big shoes to fill. If the old announcer was still there — I don’t think he is — the one from when you and I were kids — if he took over, maybe I would acquiesce. But other than that, man, I don’t think there’s anyone.


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