Who Has the Worst Fans: Mets or Yankees? 

Frankly, we’re ready to stop stressing about baseball and settle into a long, couch-bound winter of hockey — all that drunken screaming in sports bars can get irritating. But who’s worse with the yelling and beer-spilling?


Where he presides: Tribe, East Village
Favorite drink: Jameson on the rocks
Tell you the truth, I don’t have that much experience with Mets fans. I’m a Yankee fan myself. I love ‘em. Tell you the truth, I don’t think I’ve ever really been to Queens. I’ve driven through Queens on my way to somewhere else, but I’ve never spent any time in Queens. There are a lot of Mets fans in my neighborhood in Brooklyn. I think it’s kind of an ethnic correlation. There are a lot of Latinos in my neighborhood and a lot of Latino players on the Mets. So a lot of people in my neighborhood are Mets fans. Which is cool.
Where he presides:
Stillwater Bar & Grill, East Village
Favorite drink: Coors Light
I dunno. [“Boston fans,” yells a patron from down the bar.] Ha, yeah, Boston fans really are the worst of all. Between the Yankees and the Mets, though, probably the Mets fans. I think they probably feel they have a little more to prove. Yankee fans seem to take a loss a little more nonchalantly.
Where he presides: Dempsey’s Pub, East Village
Favorite drink:
SoCo & Lime
To be honest with you, I haven’t had any bad experiences with either. Most of the Yankees fans here are regulars. The Yankees fans seem to be more die-hard than the Mets fans for some reason. I’d say that the Yankees fans are worse — they’re more prejudiced against other teams’ fans.
Where he presides:
House of Brews, Midtown West
Favorite drink: Jack Daniel’s – “Frank Sintra’s favorite drink”
One hundred percent it’s the Mets fans. The last month they’ve gone from being merely obnoxious to absolutely ridiculous. Screaming at every at-bat, breaking pint glasses — even after we’ve let them know they need to tone it down for the people upstairs… We’ve never had to throw a Yankees fan out. Never a Red Sox fan… Last night we had to toss two of these Met jokers. Thank god I’m off for [NLCS] game 7.
Where he presides:
Coppersmiths, Hell’s Kitchen
Favorite drink: Jack and water
Yankees fans: It’s the attitude — a little smug don’t you think? The whole demeanor can just get under your skin. It’s like they care less about what their own team is doing in the game and more about critiquing all the other team’s shortcomings. I mean, take a look at yourselves every once and a while, people.
Where she presides:
Lincoln Park, Hell’s Kitchen
Favorite drink: Straight booze
That’s easy. Both Mets fans AND Yankees fans are the most obnoxious. They’re all New Yorkers right? That makes them obnoxious by default, right? People don’t act like that in St. Louis.  You know it’s true. But don’t make me sound obnoxious myself, because I want those New Yorkers acting up right here in this bar.


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