Worried About the Fiscal Cliff? 


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Everything about the government scares me. I don’t trust any of the Republicans up there. From what I hear the whole country may be fucked because they don’t want the richest people in history to pay a little more in taxes. That’s bullshit. I pay too much in taxes, but I’m poor. I can’t afford them the way rich people can. So yeah, anything the Republicans do scares me.


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Fiscal cliff is something I hear about on the news but don’t pay attention to. It’s about the economy, but that’s all I know. Like Afghanistan, I know there’s still a war there, but that’s it. I know I should pay attention to that stuff more, but… (laughs) I don’t know what difference it makes if I read the news or not. I read the sports, but that’s because I bet on the games. If I were to bet on the government, I’d probably never win.


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No. Should I be? [It’s potentially very bad for the economy.] Well, I’ve been through bad economies before. The good thing about being poor is you’re always ready for a bad economy because you’re in one all the time. I can’t imagine making much less than I am now. I guess I hope it doesn’t happen, but I want to see something good happen, not just something bad not happen.


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I have a brother who works in the government, really low down, obviously, but he says he’s never been more worried about anything. At least after 9/11 or something there was the sense that everyone wanted to do the same thing. Everyone wants to stop terrorism or win a war, but on this it seems like some people actually want to go over the cliff, which is crazy. I don’t understand what all could happen—I’ve never understood any of that money stuff—but if he’s worried then so am I.


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