Would You Use Apps to Find Fares? 

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We just learned we’re not supposed to use apps to find fares. Some cabs were equipped to use one of them, but I think that’s over now. I don’t think I’d use it. Normal dispatch stuff is fine for me, and I have a shitty phone that doesn’t even get email.

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What is it with you journalists and that Twitter stuff? I don’t use any of that shit, and I don’t need it. Everyone says Facebook and Twitter are the answer to everything, but I don’t see it. You think you can find a parking space in this city using Twitter? Even if every driver was tweeting whenever they left a parking space, that shit would be out of date before you can turn your car around with this city’s traffic. I got a better idea for finding people who need a ride; it’s called looking at the street to see who is hailing a cab. That is unless the person is a dumbass writer who just wants to waste my time.

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Do you know how much the world has changed in the last 10 years? The last five? All that change is because of technology. When I was your age I never thought I’d have a wireless phone; now I have a phone that can do everything except make me pizza. So right now I don’t think I would use anything like that; that seems too complicated, and drivers should be looking at the road, not their phones.


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