Young Knives 

Young Knives • Voices of Animals and Men • (Transgressive)

At that kind of bar in Brooklyn, the dayshift bartender has just put on the debut full-length from the Young Knives. Right now, just as you’re reading this. (Or last year, when it came out in England, if it’s that kind of bar.) One of the pre-happy hour drinkers is looking up from his Stella, brushing his hair out of his eyes, and before he even opens his mouth, the bartender is nodding in assent, as if saying: “Yes, it’s another group of British lads — a Gang of Three, this time — who can tell you how old they are by naming the Public Image, Ltd. album that came out the year they were born. Yes, they sport erudite, obscurely confrontational lyrics, a disco-metallic rhythm section, and guitar lines that several reviewers have already been put on Music Critic Probation for calling ‘angular.’ Yes, they’re equally at home harmonizing their way through measured comedown melodies as they are snarling ‘Who are these people?/They are too stupid to be your real parents!’ Yes, I’ll get you another, since you’re staying.” 


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