Your Best Halloween Costume? 

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Our best Halloween costume ever was an executed death row inmate. We had an orange jump suit, a shaved head, and wires stuck to our head. Also, char marks. Scared our mother.

Where she presides: Stini Yiamas, Astoria
Favorite drink: Amstel Light
One time I went as Derelict from Zoolander and made a costume out of trash. I got a bunch of Big Mac wrappers and some Wal-Mart bags, which I sewed together. It was very cute and sexy. I made a short skirt out of the bags, then a cute top out of the wrappers and ties.


Where she presides: Perdition, Hell's Kitchen
Favorite drink: Green Zen martini
Last year I went as Jessica Rabbit. I had big ears on, the slinky red dress, and my hair is already red, so that worked out. The name worked too. Two come to mind for the best costumes I've seen while working here. One was a couple that came in as Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. That was awesome. Another time, two guys came in wearing suits with boxes around their packages. They were the Dick in a Box guys; that was cute. I pretty much like any costume, except the ones with full masks. And if I'm bartending, I'll wear anything that doesn't restrict my movement.

Where he presides: 8 Mile Creek, Soho
Favorite drink: Everything
Oh, I dunno, mate! I'm from Australia. I've never even seen Halloween. I hear it's a lot of fun, though. I seriously just got here. What are you going as? [A mouse.] I can see that. What should I go as? [Edward Scissorhands.] Ok, sounds good!

Where she presides: The Gutter, Greenpoint
Favorite drink: Tequila
Fuck! That's a lot of pressure. Remember the guy who got eaten by the bear? [Timothy Treadwell?] Yeah, my friend was that guy. She dressed up as the bear, with her face peeking out of his mouth. It was the best. Oh, and there was Jesus and Mary Chain, where my friends dressed up like Jesus and Mary, all gothic, and had a chain between them.

Where he presides: The Soft Spot, W'burg
Favorite drink: Beer
I never see that great of a costume, to be honest. I know the girls all dress slutty, but I see enough tits all summer, so by October 31st it's not that exciting. Yeah... I myself am going as a slutty nurse.


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