Your Favorite Movie Most People Haven't Seen? 

Our favorite movie most people haven’t seen is Begley’s Dream, an epic late-70s action-adventure starring a young Rutger Hauer alongside Dyan Cannon as they embark on a post-Apocalyptic, cross-country race against time to save the “Chosen One” from Canadian barbarians. Trivia fun fact: The Chosen One is played by infant Kirk Cameron.

Where she presides:
The House, Gramercy
Favorite drink: Watermelon Mojito
I don’t know. I guess City of God? But everyone knows that one.  Here, ask the bus boy!  [Ed. The Bus Boy replies, “Hmmm... Masculin, Feminin? No, I’ll go with Withnail and I. It’s Bruce Robinson being derivative of Peter Greenaway.]
Where she presides:
Matchless, Greenpoint
Favorite drink: Whiskey, one ice cube
You know what movie you can’t find that I think should be in every video store everywhere? Zazie Dans le Metro. It’s a French movie about a little girl — she gets lost in the subway. It’s a beautiful movie that you could probably watch and rewatch again and again, but it’s not on Netflix, it’s not in any video stores — it’s really hard to find.

Where she presides:
Belmont Lounge, Union Square
Favorite drink: Beer, Jameson
I guess most people probably have heard of it, but I’d have to say Run, Lola, Run. It’s 90 minutes of cinematic fun. Pop-art with a capital P!
Where he presides: Channel 4, Midtown
Favorite drink: Sambuca
Football Factory. It’s about soccer hooligans. It’s really big over in Europe, but no one has ever seen it over here.
Where she presides:
Galaxy Global Eatery, Irving Place
Favorite drink: Margarita
I’d have to say Fantastic Planet. It’s French animation from the 70s. The drawing is wonderful and the plot is kind of a Cold War allegory. You should check it out!
Where she presides:
Soft Spot, Williamsburg
Favorite drink: Patron gimlet on the rocks
One of my favorite movies is Being There with Peter Sellars. I know that a ton of people have seen that movie, but I don’t think that many people of my generation have.


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