Your Radio Preferences? 

Ryan Vlastelica

Hailed in: Midtown
Hails From: New Jersey
I have a satellite radio in my car at home, and I have that set up pretty tightly so that I only get the bands I really like: a lot of The Doors and The Stones, classic rock kind of stuff.

Hailed in: LES
Hails From: Pakistan
I don’t really listen to the radio here, and if I do, I listen to traffic updates and the news or NPR. I’m not that big a fan of American music, or western music in general. I listened to music when I lived in Pakistan, to Pakistani music. I have my cassettes at home, so I’m OK.

Hailed in: West Village
Hails From: Brooklyn
[The radio] only plays popular music, even on stations for older music. So like, if they’re going to play Michael Jackson, they’ll only play “Thriller,” or the songs everyone knows. But a lot of the time the best stuff isn’t stuff everybody knows.

Hailed in: Park Slope
Hails From: Chicago
I suck at finding music on the radio, all the stations are always playing commercials or the song is just ending, or if I listen to a crappy song on one station I’ll miss all but the end of an awesome song on another. So usually I listen to sports, or to my iPod if it’s slow. I like Dave Matthews; I guess I’d like to hear him more on the air. Wait, is this one of those Brooklyn magazines where I’ll be made fun of for liking Dave Matthews? Fuck. [Ed. Yes. Hahaha. Dave Matthews.]


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