The L Magazine Presents: The Artist’s Collaboration Space

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05/25/2005 10:00 AM |

Get Something Off Your Chest With Your Big Buddy

About the Project:

Artist Rob Andrews, Your Big Buddy, in conjunction with The L Magazine is extending offers to help you out. We all know the future is dicey, and we need to rely on one another. This 12-part series of performances depends wholly on collaboration between Your Big Buddy and You!

What is it about your day-to-day that’s weighing on you? What do you have trouble telling your wife, husband, partner, parents or friends? Or perhaps you’ve told them all so many times that you’re afraid they’re not listening anymore. What you have to say needs to be said, and Your Big Buddy is offering to meet with you at a place you choose, and just listen.

Reach out to Your Big Buddy if: You’re not sure what’s getting you down and have to talk through it ALL with someone, even just to hear yourself out; you have a secret and are going to burst if you don’t tell someone; you’ve done something you are ashamed of.

You are important! Just verbalizing what you think are the trifles in your life will make you feel better, because you may realize they’re not such trifles after all. Your Big Buddy will sit down across a table from you and just listen: without judgment, without questions and without response if that’s what you prefer. Your Big Buddy will provide drinks and a snack, or buy them if your preference is to sit down in a coffee shop or bar.

Your Big Buddy is committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for you to get something off your chest. This is about trust and the opportunity for you to simply enjoy a sympathetic ear. If you have any questions about the circumstances or confidentiality of the project, don’t hesitate to ask. Your Big Buddy is more than happy to answer all of your questions.

Your Big Buddy will readily provide character references at your request. Please write to to set up a time to speak at your convenience.