The Bar: Starlight

06/08/2005 2:00 AM |

167 Avenue A, 212-475-2172
Most expensive drink: Grey Goose + Red Bull $13
Cheapest drinks: Various bottled beers $5
Extras: Creative cocktails, hot ladies, and the fabulous

Six years old and Avenue A’s Starlight is going strong, catering to a mixed crowd (lesbian/gay) with various parties bringing in patrons from all over the city and the outer boroughs. It’s no wonder ladies where lined up for the Sunday Night ladies party “Starlette,” the party that gives New York’s lesbians the chance to “do it up.” Unlike the typical New York dyke dive, Starlight is a glam affair, with its dimly lit rooms lined with plush lounge seating — perfect for playing voyeur.

The bar can get crowded and the bathroom lines sometimes long, but the staff is friendlyand they make damn good cocktails… try the Margarita made with Grand Marnier, it’s a favorite. But just ‘cause the vibe is New York lounge doesn’t mean everything is served in a cocktail glass — there are beers on tap even the most serious beer drinker can feel at ease with.

But be prepared: when going to the back room you won’t find pool sharks hogging the table… ‘cause there isn’t one there. The room features wall-to-wall seating and a small stage that allows patrons to demonstrate their go-go girl abilities or have a seat while chatting it up. Glam girls, bois and everyone in between, shake it to the DJs beats in the small dance space.

And while I didn’t see any actual “Starlettes” or anyone from The L Word, Starlight’s the only lesbian bar where I’ve seen both women in Chuck Taylor’s and Manolo Blahniks dressed to impress in the same place.