Sosa v. Spandex

07/06/2005 2:00 AM |

Since gladiator days, gyms have been popular “cruising” grounds. But it seems the saunas have become a little too steamy for some fitness aficionados. According to the New York Times, in May, 2005, Carlos Sosa filed a $25,000 lawsuit against the David Barton gym in Chelsea, claiming that the gym is allowing sexual activity to flourish in the locker room. Carlos Sosa’s lawyer, Brian Kennedy, said, “They represented themselves as a serious place where you actually work out, but it became a saucy steam room that reminds me of the ancient Roman baths.” A lawyer for the David Barton gym responded with, “What he’s alleging happens everywhere. It’s how you deal with it, and we try and deal with it.” It was dealt with harshly back in the 1980s, when the fear of AIDS sparked New York to shut down many of its bathhouses. The New York state sanitary code requires gyms to prohibit sex on their premises. While most gyms don’t post an employee to guard against the hanky-panky, many send a worker into the locker room to periodically check for illicit behavior. And you thought they were checking to see if you peed in the shower. The case is currently pending.