The Bar: Capone’s

07/06/2005 2:00 AM |

221 North 9th St.
Extras: Free Pizza with alcohol purchase
Minuses: Hipster to gangster ratio: 100:1

Though hidden two blocks east of Bedford Avenue behind a door marked only with “221,” it’s quite possible to stumble into Capone’s by mistake while searching for Williamsburg’s long-standing trendy institution, Supreme Trading (in hipster years, I think three is equal to 40). Capone’s is one block north of Supreme Trading, and in fact serves as something of a mirror image: it’s also between Driggs and Roebling, is also sans signage, also features a multi-level bar with nightly DJs, and also a dance space, pool table, and outdoor space.
An additional and: like Alligator Lounge a bit north, Capone’s serves free, brick-oven pizza with the purchase of any alcoholic beverage, which means for five bucks you can simultaneously get drunk and battle against the next morning’s hangover without stopping by Anna Maria’s on the way home.
Though Capone’s is built from the trends of nearby bars, the comparisons don’t do it justice. The space itself is uniquely layered. An antique bar sits in the front, salvaged from a speakeasy once frequented by Al Capone in Chicago (Scarface was actually born in Williamsburg, then called the 14th ward). Both a lower and upper level flank a spacious dance floor for maximum scenester voyeurism, while above it all is an outdoor lounge. A game room in the back features pool and a hunting game, which when coupled with the free pizza invokes the Peter Pan gleefulness than infuses much of the Williamsburg energy these days. The music is a mix of hip-hop, 80s new wave, and disco, and, I’ll add this last time, is more fun than Supreme Trading.