The L Magazine Presents: The Artist’s Collaboration Space

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07/06/2005 2:00 AM |

Your Big Buddy Is Your Bosom Buddy
About the Project:

Artist Rob Andrews, Your Big Buddy, in conjunction with The L Magazine is extending offers to help you out. We all know the future is dicey, and we need to rely on one another. This 12-part series of performances depends wholly on collaboration between Your Big Buddy and You!

Here we are. With other lives and other friends. Do you ever wonder who’s out there? What other stories you could be a part of? Sometimes, so do I.

Your Big Buddy is offering to be your friend. Let’s forget about the scaffolding of this ad, and think about the future together. This isn’t about romance, it’s about community. Let’s begin as pen pals. Simple. Tell me something about yourself, and Your Big Buddy will tell you something about himself and we’ll take it from there.

Contact Your Big Buddy at to set up a time to speak at your convenience.