Cheap Tricks for College Kicks

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08/31/2005 12:00 AM |

Dear College Student or Desperate Grown Up (looking for a nostalgic bargain):

For most NYU students, you’ll probably never live in the heart of Manhattan again, so enjoy it. If you are planning

on renting after you graduate, you’ll have to start saving now. Here’s a little helpful advice to do just that.


“The Dosa Man”
A local celebrity akin to the Children International leeches and that dude from the Strokes, the Dosa Man and his lunch cart have earned a massive following based solely on enormous plates of cheap Indian food and $1 samosas. Such urban fame, and he doesn’t even have a blog.
Washington Square South, most days around lunchtime

Mamoun’s Falafel
Mamoun, our first and only love. Mamoun, how you graciously divide our paychecks into two-dollar increments. Mamoun, how we would hold you and hold you if there weren’t that huge burly guy behind the counter.
119 Macdougal St

Gray’s Papaya
Two shriveled up hot dogs and a chalky papaya drink may not sound like New York’s finest, but add the tune of $2.25 — and some coconut rum to the papaya drink — and you’ve got yourself a meal.
402 Sixth Ave

Bagel Bob’s
Catch a Bagel Bob’s bagel fresh out of the oven and it’s practically liquid, a doughy nectar from the bakery gods. But catch them at the end of the day on Mondays (but only from 4-7) and they’re only a quarter each. Both are highly recommended.
51 University Place, between 9th and 10th

Punjabi Deli
The loveliest slice of Amritsar this side of the Deccan Plateau (or something like that). The absolutely charming Sikhs behind the counter are religiously mandated to provide people with good, affordable, spicy northern Indian food. The sweet, steamed coffee is a must.
141 1st St. (Just follow the long line of cabs)

Pizza Mercanto
Not the best pizza NYU has to offer, but at $3.25 for two slices and a drink, it could be cheeseless and topped with poisonous cauliflower and you’d still be getting a deal.
11 Waverly Place, at Mercer St

Temple in the Village
Like the Jenny Craig of macrobiotic food buffets, you assemble a plate and then pay by the pound. And no, macrobiotic food is not nearly as weird as it sounds.
74 W 3rd St

Breakfast until 5pm: the sweetest words since “breakfast 24 hours a day.” For $3 challah french toast though, it’s worth it to drag yourself out of bed at 4:30.
14 W 4th St

Not to be confused with the similarly named Indian café down the block, the Spice lunch special is a force to be reckoned with. Even more amazing than the delectable Thai food are the mega hi-tech bathroom doors.
60 University Place, at 10th St

The only way to top a meal of cheap rice balls, sushi, and a pitcher of Sapporo is free cotton candy with the check. Or maybe another pitcher of Sapporo.
25 St. Mark’s Place, between Second and Third Aves


Yes! See you there-


A small second floor bar with Communist propaganda on the walls, marble floors, and dark curtains. There’s no better place in the city to drink a vodka tonic alone at 3:30 in the morning, except maybe in a darkened study with a rich widow. But we only know one rich widow, and we’re not sharing.