Wolf Parade

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09/28/2005 12:00 AM |


Reviews of this album are going to say the same thing: this band sounds like Arcade Fire. Right down to their pop-inflected barroom sing-a-longs, respective homes in Quebec, and band title (see noun, then verb), the comparisons are going to be a hard thing for Wolf Parade to shed. That’s ok, though. It doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy them equally or even more. I say more. While the sounds of upbeat anthems (‘I’ll Believe in Anything’) and piano ballads (‘Dinner Bells’) aren’t new to indie rock, Wolf Parade brandish their own cleverly daring and slightly inelegant style. Maybe having Isaac Brock (Modest Mouse) as a producer helps. And maybe they sound like Arcade Fire because guitarist/vocalist Dan Boeckner and drummer Arlen Thomspon have played with AF before. At any rate, check them out now, because in six months the hype and overplay could prevent you from giving a damn. And, really, that would be a shame.