Thoughts on the Half-Price Holiday Fares?

12/21/2005 12:00 AM |

“Half-price” always sounds good (except maybe when you’re buying caviar or procuring the services of a hit man), but with the MTA expressing all manner of concern over the state of their finances, does it really make sense to be giving away money to tourists and shoppers from Jersey on the weekends?
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You know, they should just give out the money itself. Screw the discount — just give the people the money. That’s what they should do. It’s all pretty shady, though. They were always saying the MTA had such a budget deficit. Then they redid the books and now they’ve got a big surplus. So, some shady scam is going on somewhere. But just give the money straight to New Yorkers. Don’t give it away in some sort of discount. Screw the MTA — you can quote that. And another thing — the union — I hope they walk out. I hope they strike.
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I don’t take the train.
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Do you get money off if you buy the $76 monthly pass? [Our intrepid correspondent tells her “no,” which, admittedly is not entirely true — you could get an extended monthly pass if you have purchased one in cash from a token booth sometime before Nov. 29, but, well, that didn’t much help him out, so, you know, whatever] No? Well, I think that’s really messed up then. Cuz I live in the city and I’m paying the 76 dollars every month. It doesn’t help me any. They should at least give you like 10 dollars off the card or something. That doesn’t help me at all.

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I think it’s a pretty poor attempt to distract us from mismanagement and avoid doing what really needs to be done to improve the system. Way, way fewer people take the train on the weekends. The subway sucks on the weekends. It’s not even worth a dollar. You ever try the V on weekends? [Ed.  It doesn’t exist, my friend] Oh yeah, well the V really sucks! The JMZ is horrible. The L, don’t get me started. The G? Well, you just have to know better on weekends, right? People talk about how great the New York subway is. I think the Canadian systems are better. And Washington, DC? The platforms are heated. How nice would that be this month? [Ed: Pretty nice, Chris. And thanks for that gratis Maker’s on the rocks after the Mark McAdam show last week.]
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I have no idea what you’re talking about. And, not to offend you, but I’m having my doubts it’s true. Why would they do that? And even if it was true, it wouldn’t do me any good. I travel back and forth to school during the week, but I rarely take the train on weekends. [Ed. Several regulars confirm the truth of the matter.] O.K.  Let me get this straight. The MTA is slashing fares, basically as a gift to tourists, even though it never makes a profit and is funded by the taxpayers. So, as I see it, it’s a double-edged sword. We’re paying the MTA to make up the cost of what it loses on the fare cuts, which don’t even really benefit us. We’re getting hit twice. You know what I think? I think it sucks! Yeah, ask me how I really feel. [Ed.  We suspect the young man is working towards a double major in philosophy and economics — both excellent continuing education courses for a bartender.]