Man of the Year

10/11/2006 12:00 AM |

Robin Williams for President – what a concept!

Barry Levinson’s attempt at political commentary is at the root of this very mainstream comedy, which posits that just about anyone can get elected these days as long as big-bad corporations control the machinery.

Standup comic Tom Dobbs (Williams) decides on a whim to run for president. When the voting machines go haywire on Election Day, Dobbs wins, despite odds that gave him virtually no chance. This sets off a caper that contrasts with the comedic tone established by the whimsical Williams.

Whistle-blower Eleanor Green (Laura Linney) works for the voting machine company, and when she figures out the election fraud, the big-bad evil corporation tries to shut her up. Eleanor meets the president elect, who’s smitten by her, and reveals her secret. What’s Dobbs to do?

Like a good Preston Sturges movie, Man of the Year has a soft spot for humility: what’s not truly ours never belonged to us in the first place, though it sure was fun while it lasted. Dobbs may lose his short-lived gig, but gets the last laugh.
Opens October 13