Micah P Hinson

10/25/2006 12:00 AM |

Micah P. Hinson wants to make two things perfectly clear: one, that he’s from Texas, and two, he found the one drug store in Texas not yet cleaned out of Robitussin by Mike Jones. The Opera Circuit is Micah P. slowed down, chopped and screwed, in pain and heavily medicated. We hear “my back hurts so bad”—a reference to the massive injury Hinson suffered when a “friend” gave him a debilitating sucker punch to the back.This album is same hermetic enigma that is his other work, yet it feels even more disillusioned, tinnier and more orchestrated — Hinson’s urgent, naked voice actually seems partially clothed. On ‘Little Boys Dream’ he sings with a string orchestra and intermittently banjos and harmonicas appear, incorporated expertly, no doubt.  But somehow expert cleanliness doesn’t want to belong in the same sentence as hard-lived rambling romantic Micah P. Hinson.