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04/25/2007 12:00 AM |

Trenton Duerksen attended the alma mater of Bob Kane, and like Batman, he risks life and limb (and considerable resources) sculpting for justice. Avenging victims of bastardized summary, he grapples with the overwhelming excess of the landscape.  But what is Batman if not excessive? Bat-cat sweater by Daniele Frazier, props by The Peoples’ Republic of China. Trenton’s work investigates social mores of society multifaceted capitalist roils metaphor consumerism society personal mythology upon closer examination challenge notions perception signifies archetypes topped with a whimsy foam, sprig of coriander, and sprinkled with pine nuts. Society.
2007-Baudrillard dies. Really.

Trent Duerksen, Scholarship to Batcamp