Where Are They Now?

04/11/2007 12:00 AM |

‹‹‹ Phonograph

When I sent the band a MySpace message asking what the last year has been like for them, I got this response: “Since the article ran, we put out our debut record on Arclight Records, played the Wanee Festival with the Allman Brothers, played on WNYC Soundcheck, played SXSW, started the new record, toured, toured, toured, toured,… and adopted a child from Malaysia in order to get US Weekly to pay attention to us. Thanks L Magazine!” So, there you go.

Bravo Silva

Well, uhh, what can we say: the band called it quits right before last year’s CMJ Marathon, but it wasn’t before turning heads all over the city with their expertly executed 80s-tinged power-pop. They’ve left a void in the scene, we think, and it’ll take a hell of a band to fill their shoes.

The Black Hollies

In the year since the Hollies graced our cover, they’ve perfected their live show to a degree that is almost impossible to believe. People took note at their CMJ show at Cake Shop last year, and apparently word traveled all the way to Texas where they played to a packed house at this year’s SXSW. They’ve just released a split 7” with the Dansettes and are working on the follow-up to Crimson Reflections.

Megan Reilly ›››

Our favorite of all the New York City country-folk singers, Reilly has continued working the club circuit, winning the affection of show-goers, fellow musicians and critics all over the place. She has the kind of voice you don’t come across very often ­— the kind that’s powerful and intimate at the same time. If there’s anyone doing this better in New York City or anywhere else for that matter, we’d sure like to know.

Oakley Hall

These folks might be our most esteemed alumni at this point, having recently inked a deal with the venerable Merge Records, who will be releasing the band’s next full-length at the end of the summer. They just left on a month-long tour with Bright Eyes too, which we imagine can’t hurt their quest to turn the entire world on to their dreamy, druggy brand of country rock.

The Mugs

One of the reasons we’ve always been such big fans of the Mugs is that they simply refuse to stop playing shows. It’s how we heard of them in the first place, and it’s why we are continuously reminded of just how good their smart, catchy indie pop really is. The last year has seen them play dozens of area shows and embark on their first U.S. tour. Now they’re just about to release their second full-length, which we’re quite looking forward to.


‹‹‹ Favourite Sons
Last time we checked in with Brooklyn’s Favourite Sons, they’d just finished up the recording of their debut full-length, Down Beside Your Beauty, which would eventually be released on the Vice label to all sorts of praise. They embarked on a series of successful tours, kept playing around New York, and now they’ve been rewarded for all their hard work with a month-long opening slot on tour with Voxtrot, and a slot at this year’s Bonaroo Festival.