A Sunny Day In Glasgow

06/06/2007 12:00 AM |

Every time someone writes a review of A Sunny Day in Glasgow, they eventually get around to mentioning all the 4AD and Creation bands as points of comparison, which isn’t too far off base. But before any of that can even happen, there’s invariably some mention how of their name is so perfectly fitting of their sound. Behind all the swirling, dark keyboards, heavy bass grooves, and the programmed drums, there’s a hint of light shining through, in the form of upbeat boy-girl harmonies that only flirt with taking center-stage. But now that they’ve released their full-length, it’s the album title that seems more fitting: Scribble Mural Comic Journal… it’s a mess of words that are at least loosely tied together, and it sort of rolls off the tongue, but it’s really just a jumbled mess of thoughts and ideas that never quite make any sense. The same can be said for the songs that make up the record: they’re pleasant and clever, offering enough swirling, druggy distractions for certain scenarios, but they don’t quite stand up to further inspection.

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