I’s a Wuss

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11/19/2007 7:45 AM |

So tonight, David Fincher is going to be at the Walter Reade Theater, presenting his longer-by-seven-minutes Director’s Cut of Zodiac, and talking about it with Film Comment‘s Kent Jones, who, like a few other FC folks whose opinions you should respect (Amy Taubin, Nathan Lee), is pretty over the moon about the movie. For my part, I finally caught up with it a few weeks ago, via Netflix. And yes, I can see where everybody’s coming from with the talk about the movie as a commentary on obsession, and the difference between truth and information, and all the physical evidence as metaphor for 21st century digital media white noise, but mostly I just thought the movie was really scary. Like, I slept with the lights on. And when first I saw that the Director’s Cut was screening, I thought, “hmm, the home viewing experience, prone as it is to interruptions and competing input from phones, bathroom breaks, etc., doesn’t really allow for the kind of engagement the movie supposedly demands. Perhaps I should try it again, on the big screen.” But then that night I had a really scary dream that the Zodiac Killer was chasing me. So I don’t think I’ll be going tonight. But you maybe should.

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