I?d Rather Go Naked than Wear Fur… to 205 Club

02/27/2008 12:00 AM |

With very stable Vidal Sassoon-vitals, 205 is like a Vo5 commercial of good hair and Chanel #5 model look-alikes, a veritable Fashion Cafe at the corner of Stanton and Chrystie Sts, in the buzzcut-worthy LES section that may soon eclipse Bedford Ave as “the face of the twenty-first century” Destination St. Partiers are coming out every night of the week and hardly standing around like Pucci mannequins, instead shaking their Sass’oons and ‘Notorious’ video-style Christy Turlington-turning and turning to the turntablism stylings of resident and guest DJs.

Channel Turlington as shot by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel as you roll up in your Escada-fashionable Escalade to find Chloé models outside of this venue whose understated exterior makes it look like little more than a hole-in-the-wall, where while waiting in reaching-around-the-corner-lines women attend to their Maybelline looks and laud the new look of the neighborhood and the change in smell from trash to Estée Lauder. Vers’ace-out your wingman-esquire and go home with a rad-looking, Revlon red-lipped Prada model wearing Sassoon and sipping a Cosmopolitan.

The weekly, continuing into [Calvin Klein] eternity hair-raising highlights include: 205 Tuesdays, where Jacques Renault and Justin Miller tie rhythms together in knots as strong as dreadlocked hair, and, paradoxically, smooth as your dancing requires. Wednesday’s Taste Crew [upstairs] features Joey hosting while DJ Equal takes the reins and showers you with an amped up shampoo and conditioner electronic-ion balance as she plays, toward sensory overload, with EQs. Friday’s party from Max Pask, Andrew Potter, James F*&^#king Friedman and My Cousin Roy is a well-sculpted evening of turntables-as-potter’s-wheel-spinning where the crowd cries ‘Moore’ to each DJs sound, as identifiable as Demi’s Rosemary’s Baby-like, Vidal Sassoon for Mia Farrow-identifiable Ghost haircut. On Saturdays, Stu Bronze [upstairs] and Eric Duncan [downstairs] welcome you to hang out in the shady corners of the dance floor with your best pre-Spring/late-Winter fake tan bronzer and golden highlights. In addition to 205’s weeklies: for February 28’s Pornography, crimp your hair and come out to uncurl your toes on the dance floor as DJ OLE plugs in and heats up the floor with a electro-disco dance party.

205 Club
205 Chrystie St, at Stanton St