Strangest Thing Brought Into Your Cab?

02/27/2008 12:00 AM |

We once had to transport a very angry cat from Europe to America. The trip involved trams, buses, trains and, ultimately, an airplane. We are never, ever going to attempt such a thing again.

Where I hailed him: East Village
Where he hails from: Connecticut
Years as a cabbie: 3
Previous profession: Limo driver (for Katharine Hepburn!)
One time a guy came into my cab with a bunch of heroin. At least that’s what he said. I never saw it, but he got in the cab with these two women and we started driving, and he told me he had a bunch of heroin with him in the back. He was drunk, I think. Anyway, I just drove and tried to get him out of the car as quickly as possible. I drive during the day, though — you see the really crazy stuff at night.
Where I hailed him: Upper East Side
Where he hails from: Haiti
Years as a cabbie: 13
Previous profession: Security guard
This one guy tried to get in the cab with ski equipment one time. It took him forever to get it in there. He had to open the window to make enough room. I didn’t think he was going to be able to do it, but he did it. He knew what he was doing. He’d definitely done it before. I don’t know where he was going with the stuff — not to the airport or a train or anything — he just went about 12 blocks uptown. He wasn’t alone. He had a girl with him. I was like ‘Man, this guy is crazy — what’s she doing with him?’
Where I hailed him:
Lower East Side
Where he hails from: India
Years as a cabbie: 6
Previous profession: Student
One time a family left a birdcage in here. Yes, it had a bird in it. They came back for it — they only forgot it for a minute or so. I don’t know how they forgot it; it made noise the whole time. If they hadn’t come back I might’ve left it on the curb where I dropped them off. I wouldn’t have wanted to drive around with it.

Where I hailed him: Financial District
Where he hails from: Indonesia
Years as a cabbie: 1
Previous profession: Shopkeeper
People haven’t left very strange stuff in here. Umbrellas mostly. Sometimes I find watches. I guess the strangest thing was someone’s wallet. I checked and it had a lot of money in it. A couple  hundred. I mailed it to the address on the driver’s license, so maybe he got it. [Did you take any money?] No. I thought about it, but I was worried he would know. I was hoping he’d send me a reward, but he didn’t. Maybe I should’ve taken some.