Baby Mama

04/23/2008 12:00 AM |

Can it be an accident that Tina Fey’s first big-screen starring vehicle essentially inverts the premise of Knocked Up? 30 Rock’s focus on the balancing act that is post-feminist career-womanhood is probably the closest thing in comedy today to a corrective to the Apatow oeuvre’s devotion to male arrested adolescence — so it’s a little disappointing that Baby Mama avoids gender politics, even in jokes.

Instead, most of the laughs come from the odd-couple dynamic between stars Fey, a driven executive with a ‘T-shaped uterus,’ and Amy Poehler, the uninhibited slob she pays to carry her child (and who, come to think of it, would probably have a grand old time at Rogen and company’s never-ending bro-down). The plot is neat and tidy to a fault (no points for guessing whether Fey ends up with cute juice-store proprietor Greg Kinnear), but Fey and Poehler bring the funny consistently enough that the movie never has time to wear out its welcome.

Opens April 25