Mermaid Parade Ball

06/18/2008 12:00 AM |

The Outside Talker promises that this ten-in-one will showcase a Gypsy Rose Lee-crew’s worth of illustrated women drawing attention to all of their skin, not just their tattoos–jumping off the page and whipping their tassels ’round like the Cyclone and batting their lashes up-and-down faster than the Wonder Wheel pitches riders through the air. Putting the tits in downtown institution, Starshine Burlesque takes over the stage as Coney Island staples Little Brooklyn, Creamy Stevens, Amber Ray, Jo Boobs, Bunny Love and Bambi the Mermaid perform dance noir in the shadow of the Coney Island Parachute Jump. An aquarium art installation adds to the display–an expo of exhibitionism, the Outside Talker exhorts that immediately following the 26th Annual Mermaid Day Parade, the 6th Annual Mermaid Ball (official after party, and benefit for not-for-profit arts organization Coney Island USA which presents the parade, Coney Island Circus Sideshow, Coney Island Museum and Coney Island Film Series) features live electric-chair acts/electric sets from KUDU and Foreign Islands, and dance music from a trident of DJing acts: Jack Fetterman and Meat Mistress, Dances with White Girls and Paddy Boom. Go-Go sensations Gal Friday and La Maia perform, and sideshow star Adam the First Real Man hosts this Anything Goes affair where the ethanol flows like waves beating against the They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?-like shore. Mermaids and Mermen from the sea, those who feel like manatees and sea cows in the city, will take a trip up from the beach and ariel photographers will come indoors to be part of that [Red, Hot and Blue] world. With special thanks to Taconic Investment Partners, and sponsorships from Brooklyn Brewery, Coney Island Lager and Wine Cellar Sorbet.

Mermaid Parade Ball
June 21
5pm to midnight, 16 to enter; 21 to drink, $10 advance at; $15; $50 VIP
Child’s Restaurant Building, at the Boardwalk and W 21st St