With a Rebel Yell

06/11/2008 12:00 AM |

The talent roster looks like a grocery list — a menu of DJs (Marc-Alan Gray, Paddy Boom, Jesse Murphy, Fancy, Stretch Armstrong, Alexander Technique, Rok One, Van Scott, Morsy & Kestar, DJ Elle, Dopplehertz, Bad Decision and Heartme!) serving up set lists that will have people lined up around the corner, both walk-ups and those who rsvp’d. To get tapped by doorman Thomas Onorato, the former better be wearing a packing list’s worth of Fashion Editor-approved pieces.

Forget dishing on the music and the crowd, a laundry list of media folks will be looking to air the dirty laundry of the escapades of your hosts (Michael Gogel, Richie Rich, Deryck Todd, Zachary David Palmer, Nicole Nelch, Jeremy Asgari, Darryl Nau, Jake Destruction & Captain Al, Nick the Duke, Flute Bardhi, Daniel rekLES [Happy Birthday!], Mike Dextro, Vasili Gavre, Kieren Taylor, Lee Trice, Arthur Rutledge, Destiny, Tim Sharp, Jenna Duffy [Happy Birthday!], House of Bath, SMBLC, Cindy Kim, Daniel Barbosa, Steve Martinek and ModelsHotel) — all looking to make true your wishlists, and add notches on their nightstands from the people listed on the rsvp guest list—a veritable to-do list — who will be clamoring for goodies from Name Ribbon, Kill Shop Kill and URB Magazine. Bridging the gap between up- and downtown styles of nightlife, URB Magazine, GGLAMM (Marc-Alan Gray and Michael Gogel) and CHANGEZ LE BEAT present a glamorous new monthly event that is a mash of music, fashion and art, an all that glitters is lamé event which promises to be short-listed on the best-of lists and annual round-ups of lifestyle editors.

Photographers Paolo and Nicky Digital capture what would certainly fill a WireImage-style worst- and best-dressed list from partiers downing drinks during the 10 to 11pm open bar, and document what ensues from $5 cosmos and $5 beer and whiskey shots all night. For complimentary admission, get on the list: rvsp to tellme@marc-alan.com.

June 11
Rebel, 10pm
251 W 30th St, between Seventh and Eighth Aves