Cheese, Dead Girls and Money

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07/01/2008 1:02 PM |

The L Mag’s Mariela Quintana has hunted down and shot three big events for you happening tonight:

1. ART: As far as the cool factor goes, Mika Rottenberg’s interactive installation piece cum video montage, Cheese (pictured), not only surpasses any limitations set by the term "multimedia" but, really, it’s like the coolest thing ever. Accompanied by a cacophony of barnyard squeals and the constant tinkering of lactating cows, Rottenberg’s plywood chicken coop invariably demanded the majority of the gallery’s floor space at the Whitney Biennial this year—in addition to the majority of viewers’ attention. But what did it mean? Beats me. If you want some resolution, or to strengthen your visual analysis skills, or to just pass a lovely evening in the company of art aficionados, head to MoMA tonight for PopRally’s Artist Talk with Mika Rottenberg. You’ll enjoy cocktails, a screening of her video work and the satisfaction of 100% contemporary art comprehension. Maybe.
7pm, Theater 3 (The Celeste Bartos Theater), mezzanine, The Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman Education and Research Building
The Cullman Education and Research Building is located at 4 West 54 St

2. THEATER: Bad news, folks, if you haven’t seen Shakespeare in the Park already: you’re not going to get another chance until 2009 because performances of Hamlet ended on Friday. But don’t worry if you feel lacking on your soliloquy fill, you’ve got two more nights to see Oph3lia, a revisioning of Hamlet’s gal done in three parts. The play explores the lives and times of three modern women, who, like Ophelia, are disconnected from and simultaneously subject to the ominous realms they inhabit. But in this play "To be or not to be" is not the question. Instead, Oph3lia raises questions about loneliness and isolation, and explores how words can both succeed and fail to dispel these feelings. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?
7:30pm, $18 at HERE Theater, 145 6th Avenue (between Spring and Broome)

3. PARTYING: Who ever thought the World Financial Center would throw at Dance Party? Um, not me. But who cares how stuffy the WFC seems or how fragile and unfit for a DJed house and hip-hop rave the glass hall of the Winter Garden Theater is. Given how much of ruckus DJ duels are wont to rouse, tonight’s Dub Wars could be the Winter Garden’s first and last dance party. Head to the Financial District for some booty-shaking, floor-thumping, disk-scratching, glass-shattering fun. And in the spirit of general mayhem, the event is free to the public and begins at 9pm. Remember to loosen your tie.
9pm, FREE