Fragments from A-Rod! The Musical

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07/11/2008 12:30 PM |

Here at Your Blog About Town, we have, of course, been following the A-Rod divorce saga and all its twists and turns with a fascination bordering on the fetishistic. But we’ve avoided comment until now, because we’ve been waiting for Ben Greenman, previously the author of Fragments from Johan! The Musical, for The L Magazine’s Sports Issue, to do what he does best, and translate events of consequence to the New York City sporting scene and elsewhere into the medium of musical theater.

We are silent no more, for, thank god, he has:

You’re the best. I see it now
I want your VORP in me so badly
I dream about your EqA
And how you’ll soon catch Milton Bradley
Alex, please, you can’t leave me
Now that I’m down with OBP

And much, much more.

Ben Greenman, of course, is the Distinguished Spokesjudge at the L’s Literary Upstart, the grand finale of which will begin in mere hours, and to which you should totally come.