Is Lunch Boring? Not Anymore

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07/29/2008 3:32 PM |

Pack your Gushers, The L Mag’s Mariela Quintana kindly points your attention to some worthy lunchtime diversions.

With a roster full of concerts, dance performances and other cultural events, this summer’s River to River Festival, at the South Street Seaport, has given lunch a new lease on life. With start times ranging from noon to one, many of the shows cater themselves to your lunch hour and provide just the kind of postprandial or just plain prandial excitement you need.

This week at the South Street Seaport: the 360 Dance Company makes the US premiere of their new performance, Maktub. Combining modern and ballet, choreographer Lauri Stallings highlights her dancers’ speed and versatility. If you’re like me and not so savvy with the aesthetic whatnot of modern dance, assemble your favorite co-workers and head to the final performances of Maktub tomorrow at noon and one. You’ll be more savvy and versatile. The performance is free, no reservations required, lunch boxes not included. (Wednesday, July 30, 12 and 1pm. FREE.)

And if you can’t make tomorrow’s performance, no worries. Make a lunch
date with the ladies (or fellows) for 12:30pm Thursday in New York
Plaza. There you’ll find the classic Motown troupe The Persuasions serenading diners with their harmonies and doo-wop beats. (Thursday, July 31, 12:30pm. FREE.)

And even if you’re one of those anti-fun Motown haters, River to River
has another dance series starting up again on Monday to spice up your
lunch hour. Next week lunchtime dance continues at Battery Park City,
where River to River presents the Monica Bill Barnes Company.
Each weekday at noon, the company’s dancers will perform a creative and
irreverent dance-comparison between the cut-throat, make-it-or-break
show biz industry and the equally dogged finance market. Unlike many
the struggling actresses, rising stars, frazzled i-bankers and
well-heeled CEOs, the Monica Bill Barnes dancers thankfully do not take
themselves so seriously. (August 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8, 12pm, FREE.)

So if the only live culture in your lunch right now is from your yogurt
(womp womp), add some real, live active culture to your diet and head
to one, any, or all of the River to River’s afternoon performances.
It’ll be good for you.