Out Now: The L Magazine’s Sex Issue

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07/16/2008 1:06 PM |

Oh, look, a butt. That must mean that it’s time to talk about sex. Yes, it’s the L’s annual Sex Issue, which I was against doing because I, personally, think sex is dirty shameful and not to be discussed, let alone read about on the subway. But I was overruled by the other members of the L’s editorial staff, who are desperate for you to think of them as like hip and open and totally cool with alternative lifestyles. Bah.

  • Anyway, in it, Mary Block and Ben Sutton deliver a questionnaire to a whole cadre of sex workers — therapists, Suicide Girls, sex bloggers, a “fetish wrestler”, and, yes, Ron Jeremy. (Really!) In The Private Lives of Public People, these shameless hussies discuss their professional lives, their personal lives, and how they keep these boundaries separate, or don’t.
  • Plus, Audrey Ference, The Natural Redhead and a brazen harlot, has designed a Do It Yourself Sex Advice Flow Chart, for when your sex queries need an answer now. (If the questions in her actual sex column this week used the chart, they’d end up on Stock Answer #1 and #2, give or take, which is about where she ends up with her answers, give or take.)
  • And scarlet strumpet Laurel Pinson talks about underwear in Fashionville.
  • Or, if you’d rather read about civilized, decent things, Nate Brown has written a long review of a book by a dead South African writer. And Nicolas Rapold reviews The Dark Knight, about which readers of this blog may have heard a thing or too.

All that, and more. Pick one up, take it home, make it yours.